About IMAM

The International Maritime Association of the Mediterranean is a voluntary organization that was initially established in 1974 by institutions from six countries (Bulgaria, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Yugoslavia and Turkey), and was progressively enlarged to other countries neighbouring the Mediterranean. Until the 1990 conference, Association’s acronym was IMAEM (International Maritime Association of East Mediterranean) and then changed to IMAM (International Maritime Association of Mediterranean), dropping the reference to the eastern part of the basin.

The International Maritime Association of the Mediterranean (IMAM) is proud of its about 47-years history committed to the enhancement and dissemination of technical knowledge related to study, design, construction and lifetime operation of ships and other marine structures. The focus of the Association is on the development of marine transport and on the exploitation of sea resources in the Mediterranean area, in line with the principles of a sustainable growth.

The IMAM congress, organized by the International Maritime Association of the Mediterranean (IMAM) has become one of the major conference on maritime transport and technologies. The congress has also more than forty-years history since the first Congress held in Istanbul in 1978. It was triennial until 1993 and then became biennial. The last successful IMAM congress was held in Varna, Bulgaria in 2019, the next one was planned to be held in Istanbul, Turkey in 2021. However, this congress is postponed to September 26-29, 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More information about the International Maritime Association of the Mediterranean can be obtained from its home page (http://www.imamhomepage.org/about.aspx)

The IMAM congresses have been held in the following locations:

  • Istanbul (1978)
  • Trieste (1981)
  • Athens (1984)
  • Varna (1987)
  • Athens (1990)
  • Varna (1993)
  • Dubrovnik (1995)
  • Istanbul (1997)
  • Ischia (2000)
  • Crete (2002)
  • Lisbon (2005)
  • Varna (2007)
  • Istanbul (2009)
  • Genoa (2011)
  • A Coruna (2013)
  • Pula (2015)
  • Lisbon (2017)
  • Varna (2019)


  • Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics Centre, BSHC, Bulgaria - Prof. Rumen Kishev
  • Technical University of Varna, TUV, Bulgaria - Prof. Petar Georgiev
  • University of Zagreb, Croatia - Prof. Vedran Zanic
  • Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology, HIMT, Greece - Prof. Constantinos (Kostas) Spyrou.
  • Universitá degli Studi di Genova, Italy - Prof. G. Benvenuto
  • Univ. of Naples "Federico II", Italy - Prof. Antonio Paciolla
  • University of Trieste, Italy - Prof. Mario Maestro.
  • Instituto Superior Técnico, IST, Portugal - Prof. Carlos Guedes Soares
  • Istanbul Technical University, ITU, Turkey - Prof. Selma Ergin.
  • University of Rijeka, Croatia - Prof. Dusko Pavletic
  • Universidade da Coruña, Departamento de Enxeñaria Naval e Oceânica, Spain - Prof. Fernando López Peña